About Real Life Cinema

Real Life Cinema is a NYC-based film production company focused on riveting documentaries about under-reported topics that are shaping our world.

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Our Story

After traveling perpetually for two decades and enjoying a careers as a journalist / author media journalist and author, I decided that it was time to set up in a real base of operations and start a film company that could produce the films that I endeavored to make. Or, perhaps more simply, I’ve simply collected too much filming equipment to stuff in a carryon bag (and continuing to sneak cameras past check-in agents stuffed down pant legs wasn’t a sustainable option). So in 2019 I arrived in New York City with the goal of starting a film company that could cover the stories that often fly under the radar of big media and larger doc production companies and Real Life Cinema was born.

To date, we’ve filmed in more than 91 countries around the world, worked with top film companies and clients, and told dozens of stories that range from the ethnic Portuguese of Malaysia struggling for survival against a failed Chinese Belt and Road development project to the renown Syrian hip hop artist Assasi as he leaves his war-torn home and attempts to resurrect his career while facing inter-cultural challenges in rural Maine. 

REAL LIFE CINEMA is based in the Astoria arts district of New York City and was started in 2019.

Wade Shepard


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Wade Shepard filming

Who we've worked with

We’ve partnered with a wide range of other film production companies, media sources, and top brands, including Artefact Entertainment, Goldcrest, Frauhaus, Angostura, BBC World Service, Forbes, Torabhaig, CNBC, VICE, Newsmax, ABC News (Australia), and many others.

Wade Shepard

Wade Shepard

Director / Cinematographer

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