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For over 20 years we’ve been traveling the world documenting what’s happening at street level for film, news, and commercial production.  

This experience of diverse cultures, languages, and often challenging circumstances is what sets us apart from other film production companies. We go where others don’t and come back with the stories that few are able to get.

We are based in the Astoria neighborhood of New York City, a stone’s throw from Kaufman Studios, in the heart of an emerging arts district. 

We do everything from feature-length documentaries to cable news shows to social media videos. Whatever your project needs, just get in touch.

Our Services

Documentary film production

Documentary Film Production

At the heart of our company is our documentary production unit. We go to places that few others want to go and come back with the stories that others are not telling. Whether it be Western China, Central Asia, the Middle East, or just about anywhere else, if you need a crew on the ground that knows how to operate in challenging environments, get in touch. 


Whether it be sit-down style cable opinion shows or going in the streets and covering events as they’re happening, we strive for excellence in news reporting. Our decades of international experience and travel savvy means that we can go anywhere at anytime and bring back the stories you’re after.

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Commercial Production

Television, web, and social media commercial production is another of our pillars, and we’ve carried out video campaigns for some of the top brands in a variety of niches. We use our in-the-streets acumen and knowledge of new trends to create unique ad content that’s sure to spark interest in your brand as well as entertain. 

Music Videos

Focusing mainly on hip hop, we shoot, edit , and  produce music videos from a wide range of artists. 

Behind the Scenes

With the aim of diving deeper into the story behind the story, we produce documentary-style behind the scenes footage to document the creation of your project. While aimed at academics doing field work, politicians running for office, or other filmmakers who want a record of their work for posterity, we can capture the behind the scenes footage for just about anyone doing something they want to remember. 

Live Events

From concerts to comedy shows to conferences, we can cover your event via live broadcast or edited for a later delivery.

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